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The Penn's

Year-long creative project course

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*If cost is prohibitive, please be in touch.

Andrew Fersch's Creative Project Approach:

Creative projects and creative learning have been the cornerstones of Andrew Fersch's teaching philosophy for the 16 years that he's been in the classroom. During his time running The Penn Program as a full-time alternative option for middle and high school students, and most recently in his position as Pathways Coordinator at Greely High School in Cumberland, Maine, Andrew has worked with dozens of students to  design and complete large-scale creative projects. These projects energize students by providing the opportunity to take a deep dive into topics and issues that they are passionate about.


Andrew's approach is to put student-guided learning at the forefront, within a framework of guidance and advice, and with a focus on pairing students with a community mentor—be it a musician, poet, artist, executive director, scientist, or CEO. Throughout the process, Andrew challenges students to grow their skills of planning, visioning, and implementation, so that the completed project is truly something of their own making.


Examples of past student projects include: writing a novel, starting a company with multiple employees, creating a nonprofit to plant fruit-bearing trees in low-income neighborhoods, writing and performing a play, major fundraisers for charitable causes, a research project about PFAS in agricultural soils, recording an album. 

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